Residential housing 26 units Obhur


The spices                                                                                                                                

The aim is to project 26 houses in the ​​Obhur area. The client wanted to use the same isolated unit type, but generate differences in the street facade to avoid the traditional house complex with all the same. Recalling the Islamic markets, we remind the Arabic spices image, located in the same container but with different color shades. Natural tones that would fit perfectly into our idea.

We project a unique module housing with two small variations to produce the differential impact from the street, and we colored the cantilevered rooms volume.

The natural spices colors appear in this volume, repeating every two units and generating a natural gradient in the whole set. Giving to the project the necessary differentiation through the characteristic colors of an Islamic tradition.

A continuous ribbon forms the wall that divides the street from the plots. It folds up and down generating the different access to the houses. The facades behind are also generated as a ribbon forming the prismatic volumes. They are combined with slats as a lattices, using the same language and giving privacy and shade to the houses.

Architect: Pablo Serrano Elorduy
Surfaces: 13.386 m2

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