Private house in Cerdanyola


Emptied exposed brick box

The house is located in a fairly narrow and steep plot, with about 3m height difference between the two streets that delimit it. Pedestrian access remains on the top street with the house placed three steps below. The terrace area is 3 more steps lower with the garden and pool at the same level. In this way, the house is located in an intermediate level, adapting gradually to the ground.

The house is developed in a compact and rectangular volume generated by the plot’s shape. The project is composed by an exposed brick compact box with carved voids, like a game of empty and full. These gaps are covered porches or terraces, cladded with porcelain stoneware in sand tone. The same finish is used on the outside pavement, creating continuity between the different planes.

These empty spaces are the entrance house porch, the porch near the garden terrace, and the terrace of the master bedroom on the first floor. The stoneware is also used to unify window groups.

The basement is practically on the lower street’s level, where it is used to make a road access to the parking. On the ground floor the living room and the kitchen are located. Solely a wall that contains a double opening fireplace divides them. The fireplace is opened to both areas thus the open space has no door on the south facade. Finally the first floor contains the bedrooms.

Architect: Pablo Serrano Elorduy

Interior Designer: Blanca Elorduy

Collaborators: Marta Armengol and Carlota de Gispert

Technical Architect: Albert Cusó

Contractor: Ripo-Servi

Surface: 362 m2










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Z:_Proyectos90_cerdanyolaobragráfica90_axo Presentación2

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