Restaurant Backery Alforn


Bricks, tiles, wood, iron, cement and green.

The project was the concept design for a restaurant and a bakery in a two story property, placed in Attalah mall in Jeddah.

The ground floor contains the kitchen and the bakery counter. It is projected with an industrial look combining manual brick and white tile for the walls; and mortar lining and microcement for the counter and the floors, eventually creating a single element.

Counters made out of iron and wood are also organized within this ground area, for a quick drink, and a few tables are placed in the single men area.

Arabic traditions lead us to separate the families area that will be located on the first floor,  where the restaurant has its most elegant space.

Architect: Pablo Serrano Elorduy
Interior Designer: Blanca Elorduy
Collaborators: Carlota de Gispert
3d images: Vimworks
Surface: 290 m2






C:UsersPabloDocumentsdom arquitectura_Proyectos94_alfornp


C:UsersPabloDocumentsdom arquitectura_Proyectos94_alfornp