Koh-ndal Thai Bistro


Koh-ndal Thai Bistro

The aim of the project was to redistribute the space available at the premises, conditioning it for restaurant use. The shape of the spaces were quite irregular, so we proposed to concentrate the services – bar, kitchen and bathrooms.-, in the central area, This move, allowed us to place the two main restaurant areas one at the front elevation and the other facing the patio. Diners were always located in areas enjoying natural light, either facing the street or the rear patio.

On the street facade we designed is a large sash window with an integrated bar. When this opens upward, it creates a well-sized bar counter open to the exterior, giving continuity and communication between indoors and outdoors spaces.

On the rear space, a hidden sliding door allows us to close and separate the room to develop private events. We have recovered some of the old walls exposing the bricks. This move integrates the existing construction with the new clay walls proposed, and brings a new texture to the interior space.

We tried to give the project a natural and cozy character, without falling into the clichés of a Thai restaurant. Using natural elements, the diner perceives that in this space as well as eating Thai one eats healthy.

The two main areas have walls coated with Ecoclay, a type of clay material that helps us to absorb noise, controlling reverberation and also regulating the spaces’ humidity. The furniture made of benches and auxiliary furniture is made of natural pinewood.

On the ceiling, we have proposed some wicker panels, generating an environment of a casual “chiringuito” or beach bar that combined with wicker lamps and natural plants such as banana trees, help us create this natural and sustainable fusion in the space.

Architect: Pablo Serrano Elorduy

Interior Designer: Blanca Elorduy

Engineer consultant: Eduard Parera

Contractor: Contrast

Surface: 160 m2

Photo: Pablo Serrano

Contract Deco – Lighting

Ecoclay – Clay surfaces