Two beach houses in Durrat


Courtyards and shadows

The project consists on two houses for two brothers who wanted to have their private areas but also a common area. The land is situated in front of the Durrat al Arous beach in Saudi Arabia. The climate in this area is extremely hot especially in the summer. Whereupon we considered several ideas that could allow the house withstand better these extreme temperatures.

The site had three plots, the main idea, as we had a large area, was attempting to project two houses on only one floor, with each of them occupying one of the side plots, and the central plot would stand the common areas. Another important decision was to cover most of the central area so that would generate a large open covered space, protected from solar radiation. This area was equipped with a barbecue area, a bar, an outside dining and an outside living area.

Later on we began to locate some courtyards, indoor and outdoor, covered by slats, that not only help us to distribute the spaces, but to create natural ventilation and cooling, thanks to the plants and water sheets placed in them.

The materials selection of the house is based on clear materials in order to absorb the minimum heat. A continuous plaster white ribbon cover the entire front of the house and courtyards. Below this line we proposed a facade of natural clear stone , enhancing the horizontal joint, and also for the exterior flooring.

The roof protection is designed in aluminum slats, which protect it from direct sunlight and prevent a source of constant heat radiation into the house reduces the energy consumption of air conditioners and the inner comfort increases .

In front of both houses we projected big open spaces, to enjoy the garden, the beach, the pool and the sun in the tempered days.

Architect: Pablo Serrano Elorduy
Interior Designer: Blanca Elorduy
Collaborators: Carlota de Gispert
3d Images: Vimworks
Surface: 797 m2


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