Stand Sauleda


The loom origin

Sauleda, is a century-old company, specialized in all types of fabrics and awnings. They proposed us the challenge of designing a special stand for their annual fair. Studying the history of Sauleda, we were imagining its origins, with people working on those old handmade wooden handcrafted looms, where hundreds of threads crisscrossed. So we asked ourselves how their current clients would react and what would they experience, when they arrived at the fair and found themselves inside of a large loom. Feeling surrounded by threads that intertwine up and down, as if they were participating in the origins and beginnings of a fabric’s production. This is how the main idea and the project of Sauleda’s stand came to be.

To recreate the idea of being inside the loom, we faced the challenge of designing an element that was in practice hanging, where one could walk underneath, and pass under its fabrics without interruptions. We proposed a set of natural pinewood frames that collected all the interlaced fabrics that together formed an awning. For the interlaced ‘threads’ we chose three different shades of red generating nuances on the corporate colour.

The ribbons generate different shapes and angles as they interlace. The stand opens to the main street through the main façade. On the lateral elevations the ribbons are positioned at different heights providing the space with some privacy and regulating its entrances, according to the interior distribution.

Inside the stand there are several lounge spaces, with exhibition areas, a bar, and a special customers’ area elevated one meter above the ground and with access as well to a meeting room.

We designed two complementary lighting systems: On the one hand, illuminating the ribbons from the ground up, to enhance and define the loom threads from below. On the other hand, with a warmer lighting based on lamps with lampshades that create a cozy atmosphere. We have designed all lamps with the same ‘screen’ fabric by Sauleda, forming three lamp types: floor lamps, hanging lamps, and table lamps.

The sofas on the lounge areas are designed as well with a fabric from Sauleda. By doing so, we strengthen the brand and maximize the possibilities of its fabrics: awnings, stalls, lamps, furniture and sofas.

Architect: Pablo Serrano Elorduy

Interior Designer: Blanca Elorduy

Colaborators: Joan Garcia (Caisde)

Surface: 320 m2

Photo: Pablo Serrano

Date: 2018


















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