Solerebels Shoe Store


Recycle step by step

SoleRebels, is an Ethiopian brand of shoes, from Africa they surprise us with recycled materials, colorful shoes and originality. Its purpose was to implant the brand in Barcelona for the first time.

Located in Gracia, we had a very small place and a very limited budget.

The place was an old butchery with white and bright tiled walls. The coating did not fit with the brand and the image that we wanted for the store. So we took out the tiles, but decided to leave the plaster gobs that held them, and paint on that textured walls with a stone grey glaze, keeping alive part of the place’s history.

On top of the walls, as a new layer, we proposed a number of recycled items, such as pallets, ropes and old used tyres that fit with the brand’s image and the idea that we wanted to convey. With minimal resources we bet for a sustainable and original design.

We decided to use natural materials and neutral colors to highlight the product. The colorful shoes should be the element that stands out and attracts the streetwalker and future client.

One iron piece in “U” shape wraps the space and allows us to exhibit the most outstanding shoes. One store side is lined with pallets, which helps to increase showcase space while giving warmth to the shop. Some ropes tied to the pallets go up through the ceiling to come down to the other store side, where they also hold several tyres, reused to promote featured shoes.

Everything is held between both sides and generates a sustainable tension.

Architects: Asa Studio + Dom Arquitectura
Surface: 26 m2
Photography: Jordi Anguera












emplazamiento gracia 4

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C:UsersPabloDocumentsdom arquitectura_Proyectos79 solerebe

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