Carnota house refurbishment


Stone respect

The aim was to act respecting the existing volumes of this old house, located close to the river in the village of Noutigos. Maintaining the stone facade, replacing the original windows in chestnut wood, we just proposed two new small and strategic openings in the south wall for grant views and natural light needed in specific locations. The new openings made out of iron frame and fixed glass contrasted with the existing ones which are treated with a chestnut wood.

Part of the south facade formed with very small stones had to be replastered due to continuous moisture, so we proposed a mortar render. We maintained the large stones that framed the windows, and continued the existing lines to finish smoothing almost the entire first and second floor.

The entrance garden has been projected using large old reclaimed flagstones, wood benches, albizias, ivy vine and lavender, which give us a simple but hearty welcome.

All recovered stone walls form the finish of the interiors . In the ground floor they are combined with the same ocher mortar of the grouting, generating a game as a baseboard with different heights, covering damaged wall areas and adapting to the interior space distribution. The result is a balanced interior finish where the homogeneity of the colors dominates, with the ocher mortar ocher and stones’ colors.

The ground floor is an open space with a continuous pavement, where we placed the dining room, the kitchen and the living area. On the first floor we located three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The slabs are made with clay vault painted with a gray glaze.

The second floor, right under the roof, a space originally used as laundry drying area, has now become a completely open space, flooded with natural light through skylights and a cut in the roof that originates a small terrace with beautiful views to Finisterre and the Carnota bay.

Respecting the stone, recovering the existing elements and combining them with an open and new distribution, modern lighting and furniture, we created a new charming space.

Architect: Pablo Serrano Elorduy
Interior Designer: Blanca Elorduy
Surface: 202 m2
Photography: Victor Solis

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